For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Nitin Sarin at:


Address: 48, Sector 4, Chandigarh – 160001, India


Phone: +91.98142.52145

*Note: We are often asked the question why we are not based in New Delhi or Mumbai, the reason for this is that our firm was started in the year 1932 in Lahore (now Pakistan) and after partition of the country, the firm was moved from Lahore to Shimla (the summer capital of India at the time) and then to Chandigarh (a beautiful city designed by Le Corbusier). The city in which we are based is clean, green, planned and is simply a paradise to live in, this coupled with the fact that both Delhi and Mumbai are over crowded, polluted and the cost of living in both cities is unjustifiably high, solidifies our conviction not to move. We will happily fly down to Delhi or Mumbai for a Client meeting of course!