Age Criteria for Import of Aircraft into India


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (“DGCA”), the regulator of aviation in India has recently (13th June 2017) released new guidelines regarding the age of aircraft which can be imported into India for scheduled / non – scheduled and general aviation.

These regulations are important especially in light of the fact that many aircraft lessors look at India as the ideal destination for second hand aircraft. The Civil Aviation Requirement (“CAR”) states the following:

  1. PRESSURIZED AIRCRAFT (For Scheduled / Non-Scheduled and General Aviation):
    1. A maximum of 15 years of age OR 75% of its design economic life OR 45,000 “pressurization” cycles; or
    2. A maximum of 18 years of age OR 50% of its design economic life
  • For aircraft above 15 years of age, there is a mandatory requirement that it should have flown for at least 100 hours during the 6 months before import into India. There is however an exception to the aforementioned mandatory requirement that states, “In case, the aircraft has undergone major maintenance within six months prior to the date of import, the requirement of having flown for 100 Hrs within last six months shall not be applicable.”
  1. UNPRESSURIZED AIRCRAFT (For Scheduled / Non-Scheduled and General Aviation):
    1. The decision shall be taken on a case to case basis (on the individual record of the aircraft);
    2. The DGCA would not permit the import of an unpressurized aircraft beyond 20 years in age.
    1. A maximum of 25 years of age OR 75% of its design economic design OR 45,000 “landing” cycles.

The requirements of (1), (2) and (3) above are not applicable for acquisition of aircraft locally which are already registered on the Indian aircraft register and which are maintained in accordance with the DGCA approved procedures.

Aircraft of a “new type” shall not be allowed to be imported into India unless the operator satisfies the DGCA about its ability to maintain and operate the aircraft safely.

The text of the whole CAR can be found here.

Author: Nitin Sarin

Date: 30th June 2017

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