Does the DGCA acknowledge an IDERA an envisaged under the Cape Town Convention?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the DGCA officially acknowledges an IDERA as envisaged under the Capetown Convention.
Put simply, the present situation is, that the DGCA does not officially acknowledge an IDERA and only requires the original and a notarized copy of the same to be produced at the time of request for de-registration of an aircraft (as envisaged under Rule 30 (7) of the Aircraft Rules, 1937).
To overcome any hurdles being faced by aircraft lessors and financial institutions, it is common practice to have a notarized copy of the IDERA submitted to the DGCA under a covering letter. The DGCA shall thereafter place its stamp on the said covering letter and acknowledge the receipt of the letter as well as its annexures (the IDERA, etc.).
The said stamp simply contains the words “RECEIVED” and also contains the date when the said letter is received by the authority. The sample of the said stamp is below:

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